Name: Alexandra Brandt

MAI Location: Charlotte, NC

Job Function: Urban Eagles - Birchcroft





Grew up in Grantham, Pennsylvania and attended Messiah College there as well. I started playing for the Lady Eagles the summer after I graduated, and have been through two seasons. I'm currently living in Charlotte, and working with an urban neighborhood here. I greatly enjoy spending time with people, running, journaling, tea time, and playing soccer. I'm excited for the upcoming year, and the impact that it will have!


How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

After having played two seasons with the Lady Eagles and spending time observing what goes on in their urban ministry, I realized I would love to be a part of the influence that they have on kids. I love that I can use a sport that I've played my entire life as a way to relate to others, and more importantly, to share the Gospel.