Jackie Weston

Name: Jackie Weston

MAI Location: Charlotte

Job Responsibility: Urban Eagles Intern

Email: jaclynkweston@gmail.com




I grew up in Mooresville, just north of Charlotte, NC. I am a recent graduate of College of Charleston with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I find great enjoyment in laughing, meeting new people, live music, being outdoors, playing games of any kind (especially soccer), and food. I am an avid coffee drinker, a professional at never finishing a book, a spelling/grammar snob, and a middle child. Above all, I am a beloved and adopted daughter of the Triune God, learning each day of my desperate need for Jesus. Because He died the death on the cross that I deserve, I am saved, freed, and forgiven from my endless shortcomings, so that by His righteousness, I can have life and joy abundantly in Him. I pray that His Good News and glory be taken to the ends of the earth giving life, hope, and salvation to all those who would believe in Jesus.

How & Why did you become a MAI Missionary?

Upon graduating college, I continued to pursue the passion God has given me towards practice in healthcare. Since high school, the idea of overseas medical mission work tugged my heartstrings as an opportunity to help, love, serve, and experience people of all kinds. It was also an example led by Jesus, Himself. Little did I know that my life would take a turn for a new direction. Through a mutual friend, I was connected to a weekend event, called the Summit, with the Charlotte Urban Eagles and MAI just a month after I graduated. When we sat in a circle introducing ourselves and experiences in sports ministry, I explained that I had played soccer from age 6 through college and over time, God taught me that my purpose in soccer was to glorify Him and share the love of Christ with teammates. Despite a great love and passion for the game, God had other things in mind when He called me away from the sport my latter half of college. The remaining years were spent investing in a campus ministry as a disciple, learning to make disciples of my own, and studying in school. Thus, I was given soccer experience and ministry experience, but the idea of the two together was just a dream.

When I was exposed to the work God was doing through the Urban Eagles program, I fell in love with it. The idea of using soccer to transcend cultural, language, and other barriers with people resonated with my heart. The game has played a huge part in teaching me about the character of God, others, and myself. When the Eagles staff presented an opportunity to do an internship for a year, all I could think was “sign me up!” It was as though all the passions of my heart were together in one place! Something I loved that was once taken away was returned—with interest! Although, this was not what I planned for after college, I believe God’s plan is always greater than I can ask or imagine. I am thankful for this opportunity and joyfully look forward to how God will use it for His glory!