Molly Drooger

Name: Molly Drooger

MAI Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Responsibility: Urban Eagles






I am the youngest of four children in my family and I grew up in Holland Michigan. I am recent graduate of Taylor university which is in Indiana. I played soccer there and studied sociology. College brought lots of great times, including finding the Charlotte Lady Eagles through my college coach. He suggested I play with them between my junior and senior year so I did! I also came back after I graduated and now, I am about to play my third season with the Eagles this summer. I am now involved in Urban Eagles, which is a ministry within the Eagles. I live in a Refugee Neighborhood with 2 of my teammates and coach a U-13 soccer team made up of girl’s in our neighborhood. I also am learning about sports ministry, attending meetings, and planning our Girl’s nights/bible studies that we do with our players on our u-13 team. I have a mentor who is pouring into my life and teaching me about sports ministry as well and she’s awesome.

How & why did you become a MAI Missionary?

At the end of my first summer playing with the Lady Eagles, I worked an Eagles camp and then went on a sports ministry trip to Costa Rica with my college team. It was in these two weeks that I fell in love with sports ministry. As I went back to school during my senior year, my passion for sports ministry stayed and I began to wonder how in the world I was going to use a sociology degree. I came back to Charlotte after my senior year for a second summer with the Eagles and really enjoyed that, I started realizing that sports ministry could be my job! After the season, I met with some of the Eagles staff members who are involved In Urban Eagles about doing a year long internship with Urban Eagles. I felt the Lord place it on my heart to do this internship, and It is everything I am really passionate about. I remembered a prayer I had journaled about during my senior year at Taylor… 

“"I want to spend my life being passionate about the things I'm doing because I am doing them for you Lord. I would love to be able to move to Charlotte, I'd like to learn more about sports ministry, continue playing soccer, mentor girls and teach them about falling in love with you. I'd like to coach girls as well and use soccer as a way to relate to them." 
Reading this really made me see how intentional the Lord is with the desires and passions he’s put on my heart, and the doors he has opened. I love the mission of Missionary Athletes International; “Our mission is to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ through the global environment of soccer.” I am thankful to be a part of this ministry and that mission.