Name: Ian Johnson

MAI Location: Chicago

Job Responsibility: Urban Eagles





I grew up in a Christian family. Soccer has always been a large part of my life. Soccer is a tool that Christ really used to get into to my life. In my high school years and in my early college years I was not taking my Christian walk seriously. Through sports ministry Christ really moved in my life and I realized that a relationship with Christ is something that I need to take very serious. I am still growing and I still have my struggles, but I now know that have the unfailing love of Christ which empowers me to operate in his victory.

How & Why did you become a MAI Missionary?

I have had great experiences working with MAI. I was able to do the Chicago Eagles summer Academy twice. When I was here I felt my calling into Urban Ministry at this time. I was not sure exactly what that meant or if it even meant working with MAI. After taking a long time to pray about it I realized that I had these gifts and passions that God has been equipping me my entire life for sports ministry. Through careful consideration and a sense of calling from God I realized that it would be a waste not to use these gifts and passions to reach people with the love of Christ.