MAI Support-Raising Policy


MAI staff members are allowed to raise support using various methods and styles. Our 
support is a provision from God, not from specific donors. Thus, the financial need 
should be submitted to God through prayer. 
MAI staff raise support to cover their salary and expenses through a process called 
“deputized fundraising”. This means that MAI has given the staff member the 
responsibility of raising a certain amount of funds established by MAI to cover these 
expenses. In order for the Internal Revenue Service to consider donations to be tax 
deductible, MAI must demonstrate that it, not the staff member, has control over the use 
of the funds. MAI has implemented the following procedures to ensure that donations are 
handled in a manner that meets the requirements of the I.R.S.: 
Staff Support Accounts: Once you have been approved to begin raising funds for MAI, 
you will be given a staff account number. Gifts to MAI preferenced to provide the 
funding necessary to provide compensation, fringe benefits and other expenses in relation 
to your work with MAI will be credited to this account number and expenses relative to 
your employment will be charged to this account as well. 
The balance in the account does not represent your funds. Any donations credited to this 
account must be donations to support the ministry of MAI, not to you. 
Communication to Donors: It is essential that you maintain appropriate communication 
with donors who partner with MAI to provide gifts preferenced for your compensation, 
fringe benefits and related expenses, as shown on the MAI salary worksheet. 
For contributions to be tax-deductible by donors, the gifts must be to MAI and not to or 
for specific individuals. It is important for donors to understand that MAI has full 
discretion and control over all contributions. All fundraising materials should include the 
following statement: 
“Contributions are solicited with the understanding that M.A.I. has complete control 
over the use of all donated funds” 
The following guidelines should be followed with respect to terminology used in your 
prayer letters, email, verbal and other communications with prospective donors to MAI.  
A. Use the following: 
• “Pray that God will provide the support I need to raise for MAI”. 
• “Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts to MAI”. 
• “I need to form a team of ministry partners who will support MAI with monthly 
financial commitments and prayers.” 
• “God has provided 80% of the support I need to raise for MAI.” 
B. Avoid the following that imply that the funds go to you rather than MAI: 
• “Please provide funds for my support” 
• “I need $1000 more in gifts to my account”. 
• “My financial support is short this month” 
• “Please support me” 
• “My account is short this month” 
• “Your support of us is appreciated” 
• “Thanks for your support of my ministry” 
Raising funds for non-salary related expenses: Staff may raise funds for expenses 
approved by MAI that are not a part of a staff member’s compensation, such as travel, 
relocation expenses, etc. In order for the donation to be tax deductible, these expenses 
must be for the benefit of MAI and not the individual staff member. Such expenses 
should be approved by MAI in advance. 
Raising funds for Non-MAI Projects: MAI staff may participate in certain projects that 
are not under the control of MAI or approved by MAI (e.g., missions trips with 
supporting churches). Solicitation of funds for those projects should not be performed 
using MAI newsletter formats, logos, etc. 
Funds remaining on the date of separation from service: If you terminate with a 
positive balance left in the account designated to track contributions and expenses related 
to the work, MAI reserves the right to use the balance as it deems best, subject to MAI’s 
Severance Policy. Similarly, if an appointee is unable to raise the support needed to 
begin service with MAI, and terminates prior to beginning work, MAI may use the funds 
in the related account as it deems best. The appointee is not entitled to receive these 
funds nor are the donors entitled to refunds. In the event that there is a deficit upon 
termination, the staff member is expected to contact donors regarding covering the 
remaining balance. 
I have read and understand the above policy and I agree with this policy. 
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