Some helpful information about the trip and who we'll work with

1. What is a visa? 

A visa is a stamp/sticker that is put in your passport allowing you to legally enter a country. Americans are required to have one in order to enter Brazil. This process typically takes around 6 weeks to complete and costs about $250, depending on whether you submit the documents to the consulate on you own or use a courier service to handle your application. We will provide you all of the necessary information and direct you to the people/websites who can help you get this nasty little detail taken care of.

2. Do I need to get shots?

NO. There are no extra vaccines required where we are going in Brazil. It is definitely recommended that you be up-to-date on tetnis and other basic vaccines, which you probably need for school, anyway.

3. Whats the food like?

Rice and beans! Brazilians eat their biggest meal of the day at lunch and it always starts with rice and beans. They typically add salad and a meat to complete the meal (Brazil is famous for its beef). You will probably also have lasagna and pizza at some point as well. There is also a lot of good fruit, sweets and coffee. In general, most people really enjoy the food.

4. How many games will we play?

Typically there is some kind of competitive game about every other day of the trip. Last years tour played 3 full-field games, 4 games of 7v7 and one futsal event during the 14 days we were in country. Remember, though, that soccer is only part of the reason we go to Brazil.

5. What if I raise extra money?

By IRS standards we are not allowed to give you additional funds that come in to us, designated to your account. We can, however, reimburse you for expenses directly related to the tour (ex: visa costs, travel to and from Charlotte, passport renewal).  


Here is some basic information about the partners we will be ministering with and the places we will be going...



80 mi. northwest of Sao Paulo; pop. 275,000

Partner: Marcelo Souza

Ministry: Clinics at local schools, games against local clubs, games and fellowship with Helosia de Carli English School, ministry to girls at a local orphanage, ministry to men in a rehab center