“Our mission is to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ through the global environment of soccer.” 



Our vision is to generate teams of influential coaches and players who inspire people to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted.



Our training objective is MAI's Sports Ministry Training (SMT) will equip and disciple players and coaches by teaching, modeling, and facilitating opportunities to apply our core training curriculum. 


Faith, rooted in a Biblical worldview, guides our decisions and our actions.  We place a high priority on prayer, submitting our plans to the Lord and seeking His will in all of our endeavors. We trust God to provide for our needs and staff members experience this collectively as we raise our own personal financial support. We use the sport of soccer for sharing the gospel in places that may be difficult to access otherwise.

Relationships establish the community through which we cultivate lives for Christ.  We must be involved in relationships so that we can be transformed and have an impact on others. We strive to be a resource to the body of Christ and, in order to do so, we develop partnerships with others believers, increasing our effectiveness.

Submission places ministry first, soccer second. We desire to see God glorified over our own ambitions. We submit our love of the sport of soccer, our pride and ambitions to the cross. We seek to develop sports ministers who are “Christians who play soccer” rather than “soccer players who are Christians”.

Transformation is the outcome we seek. We want to see “lives changed” through the transforming power of the gospel applied through Sports Ministry Training (SMT). This happens through developing an authentic relationship with Christ and applying it on and off the field. The transformation starts in our hearts, is demonstrated in our actions and bears fruit as we serve others.

Love motivates everything we do. We cannot give away what we do not have. Because we have received the perfect love of the Father, we can now give it away to others. Once we have experienced the love of God, the natural response is to tell others about it. The result of being connected to the very source of love is a selfless, sacrificial, servant- minded approach to ministry. God’s love compels, motivates, and urges us to be practical expressions of His love through the environment of soccer.