Missionary Athletes International offers the following ways to join our team:

For more information, please email us at maisoccer@maisoccer.com.

Our 3 offices offer 6 month and 1 year internships. For more information please contact the office location you wish to pursue an internship with.

MAI’s Sports Ministry Residency is a 12-month live-in training experience designed to prepare ministry-minded athletes and coaches by providing the training and experience needed to function in sports ministry and to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. During the residency, we hope residents will grow spiritually and that their time here will increase their vision, knowledge and ability. To accomplish this, residents will shadow an experienced sports minister in their day to day responsibilities, will study content specific teachings, and will engage in practical ministry experiences; all within the confines of an authentic, team community.

MAI’s main methods of evangelism and discipleship have been the organizing of soccer teams, conducting soccer camps and taking short-term soccer tours overseas. These programs are augmented by other ministries, including: clinics, school programs, prison and inner city ministries; training leaders to be sports ministers and sending them out to partner with other Christian agencies. Recently, MAI has shifted from focusing on “doing” to focusing on “training.” While training takes place in many different ways, this focus is culminated in the Residency Program.

Missionary Athletes International is a non-profit Christian mission with a focus on serving the Lord through the sport of soccer.  MAI has various Full-Time and Part-Time positions available for those who have a heart for sports ministry.  MAI Full-Time staff must raise their own support as a faith based supported missionary.  MAI often offers both paid and non-paid part-time positions and unpaid internship opportunities which can often be used for college credit.